Orhinselkä sand dune and sand beach in Lake Miekojärvi in Pello / Ylitornio in Finnish Lapland

In the middle of Lake Miekojärvi, the Arctic Circle Lake, the Orhinselkä sand dune is probably one of the most beautiful natural features in Finnish Lapland. This unique sandy beach and dune, located on the border between Pello and Ylitornio, was chosen in 2007 as Finland’s most beautiful sandy beach. Orhinselkä beach can be reached via boat or by hiking 2.5 kilometers along the guided nature trail (provided by the Administration of Forests), which is accessible from Kaaranneskoskentie road. (Note: the beach is not directly accessible by car.)

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  • Orhinselkä sand dune & beach in Lake Miekojärvi
  • Orhinselkä, Ylitornio, Suomi