National border, Swedish village of Pello & Övertorneå in Swedish Lapland

When you come visit Pello in Finnish Lapland, you also have the chance for a quick trip across the border into Sweden, where the closest village is also called Pello.

The Finnish and Swedish national border (which is by the way also a time zone boundary line) is located in the middle of the Tornio River, and there is a bridge that connects the Finnish town of Pello with the Swedish village of the same name. Pello, Sweden is part of the Övertorneå municipality.

Swedish Pello is a pretty village of less than 400 inhabitants, where you can find, among other things, a cafe and a grocery store. However, do not be surprised to hear Finnish (or what sounds like Finnish) even on the Swedish side of the border, since many people in Pello speak the so-called Meänkieli (“Our Language”), which is very close to the Finnish language dialect spoken in the Tornio Valley on the Finnish side. For more information on Meänkieli in Wikipedia (in English):

The Swedish Pello is located in the Municipality of Övertorneå in the Swedish side of the Tornio River Valley. In Swedish Lapland, close to Pello, you can also find many interesting places to visit, like Svanstein Village and Svanstein Ski Center, Kattilakoski / Kattilaforsen rapids, Övertorneå’s wooden church and Luppioberget Mountain (with a great view over the Tornio River Valley). More information about the tourism of our Swedish neighbourt Övertorneå:

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  • National border, Swedish village of Pello & Övertorneå
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