Invest in a developing & international destination in the center of Lapland

8500 m2 building rights in the middle of Lapland’s tourism boom


Pello in the Tornio River Valley is one of Lapland’s strongly developing tourism municipalities. Ritavaara, with its wonderful hilly landscapes is located 10 minutes from the center of Pello in the direction of Rovaniemi. Pello has zone more than 5 hectares, or 8,500 floor square meters, for the construction of leisure facilities on an excellent location on the slopes of Mount Ritavaara. Watch HERE the area’s new  city-plan.

A wide range of experience services


Ritavaara and its surroundings offer a wide range of high-quality experience services. In Pello, you can go on a husky, reindeer or Northern Lights safari, or a guided fishing tour, for example.

Outstanding train and road connections


Ritavaara is easily accessed by excellent connections. For example, the Pello railway station, European highway E8 (being part of European TEN-T extended core network), and the Swedish border are all located less than 10 km from Ritavaara. In addition, it is only a 90 km drive from the destination to the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, along Main Road 83.

Excellent international flight connections


Ritavaara is located just an hour’s drive from Rovaniemi Airport. This engine of tourism in Lapland is the second busiest airport in Finland, with direct connections to more than 20 cities around Europe.

Eight months a year, Northern Lights on the better side of the Arctic Circle


Ritavaara’s plots have a great location from the point of view of Northern Lights. Situated on the northern slope and north of the Arctic Circle, these plots provide outstanding opportunities for observing the Northern Lights and developing aurora-based tourism.

Great cross-country skiing trail networks and family-friendly ski slopes


From Ritavaara, dozens of kilometres of cross-country skiing trail networks, some of which are illuminated, open up to beautiful Lapland landscapes. The region is also suitable for snowshoeing. The family-friendly ski resort Ritavalkea is located next to the plots.

Join the Christmas tourism boom in Lapland


Our municipality neighbors Santa Claus’s hometown, and Pello is considered the Reindeer Land of Father Christmas. It’s is only an hour’s drive to Rovaniemi’s famous Santa Claus Village. In addition, Ritavaara and its surroundings offer excellent opportunities for private meetings with Santa Claus and the development of Christmas tourism in general.

Year-round tourism


Pello, located in the western part of Finnish Lapland, offers an excellent setting for tourists of every season. Ritavaara’s nature trails and the adjacent clearwater Valkealampi pond are highly attractive to tourists. In addition, Pello is the Fishing Capital of Finland, and an excellent destination for catching salmon as well as lake fishing. The most beautiful body of water in the area, Lake Miekojärvi on the Arctic Circle, is located only about 10km from Ritavaara. The municipality of Pello is actively advancing the Miekojärvi national park project, which if successful, would greatly boost year-round tourism in the region.

Welcome to invest in the development of Ritavaara

Pello invites your company to develop a unique and international Ritavaara with us. Feel free to contact us, and let’s talk!

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