“Because we love to treat ourselves”

Our spacious and cosy dining establishment is on the bank of the beautiful River Tornio in Pello’s Vihreä Pysäkki. The fully-licensed restaurant can seat 250 people. In addition to the dining hall, our establishment contains two cabinets, the Sun Cabinet and the Maupertuis Cabinet. In summertime, the terrace can seat a further 120 customers.

Our premises are well-suited for hosting various parties. We can also provide a catering service tailored to the client’s wishes.

We serve a buffet lunch every day. It includes hot food, salad, bread, drink and a coffee for dessert. Special dietary needs are always taken into consideration.

In addition to this lunch, we prepare an Á la carte menu that lets you select a delicious dish for any craving. Our pizza selection includes options made with local delicacies such as cold-smoked salmon and reindeer. Furthermore, our grill serves up tasty take-away dishes to keep minor hunger at bay