Pello Motor Club organises a yearly everyman-class rally competition. The three-day Poikkinainti Rally takes place in mid-July, enabling a maximum number of drivers to participate in this event. The number of participants has exceeded 500 in recent years. The organisers expect a similar number to take part in 2015 as well, although the event has become increasingly popular and has attracted more and more participants each year.

Park your RV right beside the rally trail if you like – a drive-in spectator stand is not something you’ll experience everyday! This fact draws hundreds of RV owners to the rally each year. The Motor Club organises the rally at the Kittisvaara motorsport and harness racing centre, while local entrepreneurs handle the ancillary events taking place in the town centre. Guests can look forward to a host of good performers and plenty of other fun entertainment.

In recent years, the event has attracted some 1,500 spectators on each day. Add to this the 500 or so competitors with their supporters as well as the 300 locals helping to organise the rally, and the village will be packed to the rafters for the entire weekend. Be there!

Poikkinainti Rally in Pello, 10-12 July 2015
Poikkinainti Rally has grown into one of Finland’s biggest everyman-class competitions. This development is due largely to the fine setting provided by the racing track and the convenient timing of the event.

Tickets on sale at the gate:
Friday 8 € and Saturday 10 €, Sunday 10 €
Pit lane ticket €20
Three-day package €40 (inc. Pitlane pass)