Located in Western Lapland, Pello is naturally a part of the reindeer herding region of Northern Finland. There are a number of places in Pello and its neighbouring municipality of Ylitornio where you can see reindeer.

The closest sites are:

Reindeer Farm Visit and safaris in Pello:
Reindeer Lake Resort (Puolukkamaan Pirtit): https://reindeerlakeresort.fi/en/

Reindeer safaris: Tatuka Palvelut – Uusitalo Reindeer Farm (located in the Municipality of Ylitornio, around 50 kilometres from the centre of Pello in the direction of Rovaniemi): https://www.tatuka.fi/

If you are lucky, you may even see reindeer in the wild.


VIDEO: Reindeer Lake Resort (Puolukkamaan Pirtit Reindeer Farm) in Pello in Lapland