Magic of Midnigh Sun in Pello – a unique Arctic Circle destination in Finland

Experience the magic of the Midnight Sun in Pello, Finnish Lapland, a destination that transcends the ordinary. In summer as the sun refuses to set, Pello transforms into a realm of endless daylight, painting the sky with hues of gold and crimson. This nightless night phenomenon is a spectacle that truly needs to be seen to be believed.


    Tornio / Torne River under the Midnight Sun

In Pello, you’re not just observing the Midnight Sun, you’re immersing yourself in an age-old Lappish tradition. The serene Tornio / Torne River, Europe’s largest wild river, the beautiful Miekojärvi Lake, an Arctic Circle lake, and numerous other lakes are all bathed in a surreal, soft light, create a scene straight out of a dream.


    Midnight Sun in Miekojärvi Lake – the Arctic Circle lake in Lapland 

The Midnight Sun isn’t just a natural phenomenon, it’s a gateway to unique experiences. Whether it’s fishing in the bright night on the banks of the Tornio River, hiking through illuminated trails around Miekojärvi Lake, or simply basking in the sun at midnight, Pello offers a different perspective on life.


Erämaa       Midnight Sun in Jaipaljukka Nature Trail in Pello, Lapland 

So why wait? The best season in Pello for your Midnight Sun adventures is between end of May and the end July.


           Swim the Arctic Circle, a unique open open water swimming event is organized in Juoksenki, the Arctic Circle Village every summer under the Midnight Sun. 

Come to Pello, step into the Arctic, and let the Midnight Sun illuminate your journey. Experience the extraordinary in Pello. It’s not just a visit, it’s a story that you’ll carry with you forever.