Christmas season magic & New Year’s in Pello: experience the genuine peaceful Lapland Christmas atmosphere close to Rovaniemi, Santa’s hometown

In December, you will find a real and magical Lapland Christmas spirit in Pello; and you won’t be disturbed by large tourist groups. In Pello, the Christmas atmosphere consists of beautiful nature with snow-capped trees, reindeer and tranquility. There are many good reasons to spend Christmas holiday and New Year in Pello in Finland, for example:

  • Reindeer are Santa’s most important helpers, and Pello is part of the reindeer herding area in Lapland. If you are lucky, you might see reindeer in the wilderness or even in the centre of Pello.
  • In Pello, you can experience unique reindeer and husky safaris. Husky safaris are offered by Soulmate Huskies and reindeer safaris at Reindeer Lake Resort reindeer farm.
  • In Pello, you will find several attractive destinations such as the Valkea Arctic Lodge, which offers romantic Christmas accommodations. Find out more about Pello’s accommodations.
  • In Pello, you can go Christmas shopping at, for example, at the Vihreä Pysäkki (Green Stop) shopping centre, in downtown Pello, or at the shops on the Arctic Circle in Pello.
  • On one weekend of December, the Vihreä Pysäkki shopping centre hosts a Christmas market where you can find genuine Finnish handicrafts and Christmas products.
  • The municipality of Pello sits beside Santa’s hometown Rovaniemi in Lapland. From Pello, it’s only a one-hour drive to the famous Santa Claus Village, where you can visit Santa Claus Office, Christmas House, House of Mrs. Claus, SantaPark (Santa’s Grotto) and so on.
  • Pello is situated on the border between Finland and Sweden, which means you can also discover the secret wonders of Swedish Christmas in the neighboring Övertorneå.
  • Pello lies north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland, which makes it a great place to watch nature’s own fireworks: the Northern Lights.
  • Pello’s Christmas season culminates on the Finnish-Swedish border with the “We Do It Twice” celebration at New Year’s on the frozen Tornio / Torne River. Because the river is also a time zone line, you can celebrate New Year’s twice a year.

VIDEO: Christmas time in Pello, Santa’s reindeer land in Finnish Lapland.