Welcome to cross the magical arctic circle line in Pello in Finnish Lapland!

The Arctic Circle is defined as the point where during the winter the sun does not rise, and in the summer the sun does not set for at least one whole day. This is why the fascinating Midnight Sun is related to the Arctic Circle.

The Arctic Circle, 66°33′46″ N, crosses through the Municipality of Pello in Finnish Lapland. The Arctic Circle travels through the Village of Juoksenki, about 30 km south of the Pello’s center. In Juoksenki travellers will find all kinds of great services, from Arctic Camping campgrounds with its activities as well as the legendary Tuomaan Tupa. Sitting atop the Arctic Circle, Tuomaan Tupa offers a cozy cafe-restaurant, a shop and, of course, a large Arctic Circle to take photos in front of.  In Tuomaan Tupa you can also get the rare Arctic Circle postmark to your postcards.  Napapiirin Eräkartano Arctic Circle in Juoksenki Village offers accommodation for travelers and services for fishermen. 


       VIDEO: Arctic Circle in Pello in Finnish Lapland

In winter the visitors can also use the unique Arctic Circle ice road, which connects two countries: Finland and Sweden. All at the same time, a traveler on the ice road crosses the Arctic Circle, the border between countries, and a time zone border. More HERE about the Arctic Circle Ice road.


        VIDEO: Arctic Circle Ice road in Pello in Lapland, Finland

The Arctic Circle and Arctic nature create unique northern mysticism for our area. In the summertime, nature’s quick growing rhythm and Midnight Sun fill natural produce and people with vitamins and energy. Midwinter blue moments with Northern Lights welcome all visitors to enjoy the tranquillity of the polar night.


        VIDEO: Miekojärvi, the Arctic Circle lake in Pello, Lapland 

Visit the Arctic Circle in Pello. Experience the unique Midnight Sun. Sense and experience the natural forces of the north, harness them as your resource, but be aware that Lapland’s magic can take hold of you and soon you will be yearning to return!

Internationally, the Arctic Circle at Pello and the Arctic Circle village of Juoksenki are also known for the unique “Swim the Arctic Circle” event, an annual open-air competition held in the Tornio River in July. For more information about the competition: http://swimac.eu/

More info about Arctic Circle in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arctic_Circle 

P.S. Did you know that Pello is also the Fishing Capital of Finland that perhaps the most beautiful lake in Lapland, and indeed the largest lake in Western Lapland – Lake Miekojärvi – is also known as the Pearl of the Arctic Circle? Lake Miekojärvi is affectionately called the “Pearl of the Arctic Circle”, as the Arctic Circle runs through the lake. According to certain legends, the best catches of lake fish occur right on the line of the Arctic Circle.


       VIDEO: Fishing in Miekojärvi – the Arctic Circle lake


      VIDEO: Swim the Arctic Circle swimming competition in Juoksenki Village in Pello in Lapland

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