Lake Miekojärvi in Pello offers a superb alternative to river fishing and great hiking opportunities. Lake Miekojärvi with its clean water is the largest lake in western parts of Finnish Lapland. Miekojärvi covers an area of approximately 53.3 square kilometres and is Finland’s 76th largest lake.


                           View over Lake Miekojärvi from Pieskänjupukka landscape trail 

Lake Miekojärvi is affectionately called the “Pearl of the Arctic Circle”, as the Arctic Circle runs through the lake. Lake Miekojärvi is a wonderful hiking destination. Legendary hiking spots include the beach and sand dunes of Orhinselkä, as well as the Pieskänjupukka observation trail, which offers a great view over the lake.


                               VIDEO: Miekojärvi – Arctic Circle lake in Pello in Finnish Lapland 


Lake Miekojärvi, the water of which is exceptionally clear, provides prime habitats for a number of fish species. Perhaps the most sought-after fish, living on the northern limit of its natural habitat, is the zander. In fact, Miekojärvi is the world’s northernmost waterway where the zander breeds naturally. The best catch available from Miekojärvi is vendace on the open waters, but other fish, such as pike, perch, burbot, ide and bream keep fishing lines tight.

Of the fish in Miekojärvi related to the salmon, the most significant are trout, whitefish, grayling and smelt. Altogether Lake Miekojärvi is home to almost 20 different species of fish. You only need one fishing permit for the entire Miekojärvi area, i.e. the Lake Miekojärvi Recreational Fishing Permit.

VIDEO: Fishing in Lake Miekojärvi – the Arctic Circle lake in Finnish Lapland

Recreational fishing has grown in popularity over the past few years and the most popular types of fishing on lakes in Pello are trolling and jigging. There are fisherman docks located in Pessalompolo and Sirkkakoski providing good departure points for trolling. The company called “Lapland Wild Fish” organises fishing safaris and guide fishing trips on the Lake Miekojärvi: more information HERE.

When speaking about Lake Miekojärvi we shouldn’t forget the principle way of fishing for vendace, seine fishing from the bank of the river. Seine fishing on the banks of the river is a way of fishing loved also by tourists not that familiar with fishing, as it is a rather impressive-looking way of fishing on a lake.

              Orhinselkä beach and Sandbar of Lake Miekojärvi

The most memorable feature of beautiful Miekojärvi Lake is certainly the Orhinselänniemi sandbar, a unique natural formation. For example, the Finnish Erä Magazine (Erä-lehti) chose Orhinselänniemi as the most beautiful natural sandbar in Finland in 2007.

Welcome to Lake Miekojärvi in Pello in Lapland, a paradise for lake fishing and hiking!

VIDEO – winter fishing in Lake Miekojärvi – the Arctic Circle lake in Lapland

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