Welcome to Pello, the Fishing Capital of Finland

Located on the Tornio / Torne River in Lapland, Pello is the official Fishing Capital of Finland. Here are some good reasons to come fishing in Pello:

  • The Tornio / Torne River is Finland’s largest salmon river, and Pello is undoubtedly the best place to fish salmon on this river. Read more HERE about salmon fishing on the Tornio River.
  • Approximately 40,000-50,000 salmon traverse the Tornio / Torne River every year. Visit Pello’s Kattilakoski salmon counter.
  • In Pello, salmon fishing guide services are provided by Naamisuvanto Fishing Resort. Read more information on Naamisuvanto.
  • The numerous lakes in the municipality of Pello offer the perfect alternative to river fishing. For example, Lake Miekojärvi is a great fishing spot. Lake Miekojärvi is also called the Pearl of the Arctic Circle or Arctic Circle Lake, as the Arctic Circle runs through the lake. Lake Miekojärvi is a natural habitat for many sought-after fish, the most desirable of which is zander. Fishing services on Lake Miekojärvi are provided by Lapland Wild Fish.
  • There are many quality accommodations in Pello. In addition, many accommodations rent riverboats and other services needed for fishing. You can easily purchase fishing gear from the Vihreä Pysäkki shopping centre, for example.
  • Fishing in Pello is not limited to summer but is available all-year round. Read more about winter fishing in Pello.

VIDEO: Pello – Fishing Capital of Finland