Summer’s Midnight Sun, the vibrant autumnal colours, the blue moment of Christmas and the glistening of springtime snowscapes bid you welcome to Lapland and the Tornio River Valley. Its location on the Swedish border brings an international feel with events and services. In addition to pristine nature, Pello offers outstanding opportunities for activity and recreation. Pello in Finland is a great wilderness tourist destination where you can enjoy the authentic enchantment of Lapland.

The Tornio River (in Finnish Tornionjoki and in Swedish Torne älv) is Europe’s longest freely flowing river and a salmon river of high esteem. Salmon are fished both from rowboats and by casting from the riverbanks. Every summer tens of thousands of salmon migrate up to Pello, making Pello the official Fishing Capital of Finland. The river also has important historical significance for the entire culture of the Tornio River Valley. The locals call the river “Väylä”, which means “Channel”, as the river was mainly used as a route of travel. The Tornio River gives the area its own look, and together with the nearby hills forms a unique natural environment. The well-known rapid waters of the Tornio River in Lapland include Kukkolankoski, Vuennonkoski, Kattilakoski, Korpikoski and Valkeakoski.

The large waterways and changing nature facilitate a number of outdoor pastimes that form a permanent part of tourism in our region. The naturally picturesque Pello offers an unadulterated natural environment along with excellent possibilities for pastimes and recreation. Pello, crossed by the Arctic Circle, is an outstanding holiday destination where, depending on the season, Lapland’s enchantment is combined with skiing, snowmobiling, fishing or hiking.

Welcome to Pello in Finland!