Oranki Art is a revolutionary environmental art exhibition organized by several artists. The exhibition is located on a wooded ridge near the village of Orajärvi, about 25 km north of the Pello centre. Come refresh and expand your understanding of art in the middle of a beautiful forest landscape!

The Oranki Art event is comprised of the Oranki Art environmental art exhibition, and starting in mid-June, a workshop where artists create works of art for the exhibition.

Around 150 artists from more than 40 countries have left their mark in the forest over the past couple decades. Some of the art has gone back to nature, opening up space for new artworks.

There is no entrance fee to the exhibition area.

Watch Yle Egenland’s interesting video on Oranki Art HERE (video only in Finnish and Swedish).

VIDEO: OrankiArt Environmental Art exhibition in Pello in Finnish Lapland.