The many paths and ski and snowmobile trails of Pello in Lapland create countless route alternatives for walking and hiking. The independent traveller can don a backpack and sleep at a lean-to shelter, allowing the nightless night of Lapland to endow the excursion with its own special magic. These stunning sceneries can also be enjoyed on shorter trips; just take a marked trail to a scenic location and let your eyes caress the landscape that opens below. You can find more general information about Pello hiking trails HERE.

A hike can also include some geocaching. A geocache is usually marked with GPS coordinates, but using a device should not be necessary for finding the cache. Coupling geocaching with hiking somewhat resembles orienteering, which is a very popular pastime in Pello. If you want to go orienteering, an evening event is organised on an almost weekly basis. Further information about evening orienteering:

Many other activities can also be coupled with hiking. Oranki Art offers visitors the chance to see artworks crafted into the forest – time flies when you take in this collection. There is also a geocatch in OrankiArt area. Further information HERE about Oranki Art Environmental Art Exhibition.

VIDEO: Oranki Art environmental art exhibition in Pello,  Lapland, Finland