Pello is the fishing capital of Finland all year round: the numerous lakes of Pello (like Lake Miekojärvi) and the Tornio River offers great fishing experiences even in winter.

Winter fishing is a great addition to your holiday. Even first-timers can fell the thrill of success, and a fishing excursion into the pristine nature of Pello is an unforgettable experience even if the big catch eludes you. One form of winter fishing is net fishing, in which professional fishermen spread their nets under ice.

Recreational fishermen typically focus on ice fishing, which is popular in springtime. The weather is normally most favorable for ice fishing from late February to late April. The most common catches on the river on the Tornio River are grayling, perch and burbot.

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  • CATCHING TIMES ON THE TORNIO RIVER: All fishing is prohibited on the Tornio River from Sept 15 to Dec 15, which means that the winter fishing season begins Dec 16.
  • CATCH RESTRICTIONS IN WINTER ON THE TORNIO RIVER: Salmon and sea trout are protected throughout the winter fishing season, and the minimum size for grayling is 35 cm.


                        VIDEO: Winter Fishing in Pello, Lapland – the Fishing capital of Finland