The Arctic Circle marks the area north of which the sun never rises in winter and never sets in summer for at least 24 consecutive hours. The Arctic Circle divides the municipality of Pello in Lapland at the village of Juoksenki. In Juoksenki in Pello, travellers will find all kinds of great services, from Arctic Camping campgrounds as well as the legendary Tuomaan Tupa. Sitting atop the Arctic Circle, Tuomaan Tupa offers a cozy cafe-restaurant, a shop and, of course, a large Arctic Circle to take photos in front of. Napapiirin Eräkartano offers also nice accommodation at the Arctic Circle and various services for fishermen.

                    VIDEO: Juoksenki – Arctic Circle Village in Pello in Lapland, Finland

The Arctic Circle and the Arctic environment of Pello add a sense of mystique to our region. Each summer sees the nightless night spur growth and its constant light packs the region’s delicious berries, and people, with abundant vitamins and energy. The mid-winter dusk with its Aurora Borealis calms things down and welcomes the occasional traveller to come and enjoy the unique tranquil atmosphere. Pop over to the Arctic Circle to see and experience the region’s natural forces and harness them to your benefit. Be alert, or the magic of Lapland may capture your imagination – before long, you’ll discover that you want to keep coming back here again and again.


VIDEO: Arctic Circle ice road connecting Juoksenki Village in Finnish Lapland & Juoksengi Village  Övertorneå in Swedish Lapland

P.S. Did you know that internationally, the Arctic Circle at Pello and the Arctic Circle village of Juoksenki are also known for the unique “Swim the Arctic Circle” event, an annual open-air competition held in the Tornio River in July. For more info bout the competition:

  • How to get here?
  • Arctic Circle 66°33’39” in Juoksenki Village, Pello, Lapland
  • Juoksenki E, 95640 Juoksenki