Salmon Fishing in Tornio River (Torne) in Pello in Lapland, Finland

Located in Finnish Finland, Pello is a paradise for salmon fishermen. In the 2000s, Pello developed into the leading salmon fishing destination in North Scandinavia. Thanks to its excellent traffic connections, Pello is also easy to reach, whether you arrive from Nordic countries or further afield in Europe.

Every summer see tens of thousands of salmon migrating up the Tornio River (Torne river in Swedish), and over half of those purchasing a fishing licence are rewarded with a salmon. The statistics for migration of salmon into the Tornio River can be viewed with the Natural Resources Institute Finland “salmon counter” 


Fishing for salmon using a rowing boat, called trolling, is the traditional and still the most popular way of fishing, but Pello also has excellent places for fishing from the bank.

Taking into account the unique catches over the past few years and the outstanding infrastructure in Pello, it’s no wonder the salmon has become the symbol of Pello and the region has become better known worldwide.

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We welcome you to enjoy unforgettable salmon fishing in Pello in Finland!


VIDEO: Salmon fishing in Tornio / Torne Rive in Lapland, Finland: awesome 15,1 kg salmon bits: underwater fishing camera (video by Honkasuvanto Resort in Pello).