The blazing northern lights in the Lapland sky are an unforgettable experience for any traveler. The northern lights are caused by charged particles in the solar winds hitting Earth’s atmosphere. Travelers come from as far as Asia to see Lapland’s unique natural fireworks.

These days, capturing a memory of the northern lights is accessible to almost everyone. The latest generation of sensitive DSLR cameras has made photographing the northern lights easier than ever.

The municipality of Pello sits in the beautiful Torne valley, in Finnish Lapland. The Arctic Circle passes through Pello, making it the perfect place to capture the “aurora borealis”. Because Pello is a rural municipality it does not suffer from light pollution, making it easy to observe this unique natural phenomenon even from the town centre.

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Welcome to Pello and the beautiful Torne Valley, home to perhaps the world’s most beautiful natural phenomenon!

VIDEO: Northern lights in Pello in Finnish Lapland. Video by Joulupukki TV Oy &  Markus Kiili