Pello is well-known throughout Finland as a dog-friendly municipality. For example, Pello is home to the Rohkihalli, an important place for dog sports events. Pello is also a reindeer herding area, and reindeer dogs have traditionally played a significant role in reindeer husbandry in Lapland.

It is no wonder that the Finnish Lapphund, alongside the reindeer and the salmon, has become a symbol of Pello tourism. The good-natured Finnish Lapphund is a slightly smaller, long-haired shepherd dog. Alongside the Lapland reindeer dog, it is one of the two Finnish Lapland breeds, traditionally used to shepherd reindeer.

In addition to reindeer farms, you can meet Finnish Lapphunds in Pello with their owners or with fellow travelers, while salmon fishing, snowmobiling, or even accompanying Santa Claus.

Finnish Lapphunds are certainly popular throughout Finland, but outside of the Nordic countries, this fascinating dog breed is rare.

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