Everyone’s Class Poikkinainti Race in Pello in Lapland

Each year, the motor sports club Pellon Moottorikerho Ry organises a four-day everyone’s class race event named Poikkinaintiajot. The next race takes place 11-14.7.2024. 

The timing of the races during the holiday season in mid-July makes it possible for the maximum number of drivers to compete in the event. Over the past few years, the number of drivers competing in the races has exceeded five hundred. The sport has become increasingly popular in recent years and each year sees an increase in the number of drivers competing.

You can even park a mobile home next to the track, giving you a rare chance to have a VIP box to watch the races from! This is why hundreds of mobile homes arrive with competition spectators each year. The motor sports club invests its resources into organising the races at the Kittisvaara motor sports and horse racing centre, and the local enterprises provide other supplementary programmes in the village centre. Once more, great performing artists are expected, with plenty of other entertainment.

Over the past few years the event has attracted around 1,500 spectators each race day. When you add the 500 drivers with their helpers and 300 voluntary workers, the place is pretty full for the entire weekend. Why don’t you come as well?

VIDEO: Poikkinainti Race in Pello in Finnish Lapland in July

VIDEO: Poikkinaintiajot Race in Pello : actioncam images