The numerous lakes of the Pello municipal area provide a fine alternative to the delights of river fishing. The clean and extensive waters of Lake Mieko (Miekojärvi in Finnish) provide a habitat for many game fish, the most sought-after of which is probably the pike-perch that here lives at the northern extreme of its natural living area. The open waters of Lake Mieko are also home to vendace, the most abundant of the lake’s game species, as well to other desirable catch such as pike, perch, burbot, ide and bream that make fishers happy to see “strained lines”. The most significant salmon-related game species are trout, whitefish, grayling and smelt. All in all, Lake Mieko is home to almost 20 species of fish, but you only need a single permit, the Lake Mieko recreational fishing permit, to fish here.

The principle method for catching vendace, seine fishing, from the shores of Lake Miekojärvi has increased in popularity, particularly amongst tourists less familiar with fishing.

Sports fishing has grown in popularity in recent years and the most popular forms of fishing on the lakes of Pello in Lapland are trolling and jigging. The company called “Lapland Wild Fish” organises fishing safaris and guide fishing trips on the Lake Miekojärvi: more information HERE. Also other companies are organising fishing trips in the lake of Pello: more information HERE.

Terrain map of the Lake Mieko area – signs in Finnish, Swedish and English in the following places:

  • Sirkkakoski boat and fishing harbour
  • Mäntylaki boat launching spot
  • Pessalompolo boat and fishing harbour
  • Karhumaa boat harbour