The Tornio River (Torne in Swedish), Europe’s last free-flowing salmon river, awaits you with its many stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Every summer see tens of thousands of salmon migrating up the Tornio River (Torne river in Swedish), and over half of those purchasing a fishing licence are rewarded with a salmon. 

Statistics of migrating salmon for the Tornio River are available through this sites:
Monitoring of salmon runs in the Tornio River.

Pello is a great place to learn the secrets of salmon fishing and local fishing guides (like Naamisuvanto Fishing) are available to teach you about the proper rowing approaches and the dos and don’ts of white-water fishing. In Pello accommodation can be easily arranged at a hotel, cabin or in the bosom of nature: more information HERE.

The rapids and rivers of Sweden are also nearby, making the fishing waters of two states available to fly fishers and lure casters in search of intriguing experiences.


During the summer of 2024, salmon fishing with rod equipment is allowed, beginning on June 8th at 12:00. The final day for permitted fishing is August 25th. Fishing is, however, not permitted from 7pm Sunday to 7pm Monday. The minimum length of a salmon caught in the river is 50 cm and the catch quota is 1 fish / day. A report must be made on each caught salmon.

Any trout caught in the sea or river waters of the Tornio River fishing area must be released back into the water immediately. The use of gaff hooks to lift fish out of the water is forbidden in order to protect the trout population. This ban applies to all fishing because the use of a gaff will injure the fish so severely that it will not survive once released. These restrictions apply to professional, sports and recreational fishing alike.

Fishing on the Tornio River is entirely forbidden between 15 September and 15 December.

A fishing permit for the River Tornio can be bought from:

  • Naamisuvanto Fishing Resort
  • Motel Jätkänkolo
  • Lehkonen’s Holiday cottages
  • Kattilakoski Camping – Tonko
  • Korpikoski Grill
  • Lempeän Lohirengas
  • Cafe-Restaurant Joppari

Further information about permits:

Further information about the fishing regulations for the river area:


VIDEO: Salmon fishing in the Tornio / Torne River in Pello in Lapland, Finland

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