Autumn is the most beautiful time of year in Pello, Lapland.

Lapland’s remarkable colourful autumn period–called ruska Finnish–usually begins in Pello around mid-September and lasts only a couple weeks. During ruska in Pello, the rapids of the Tornio River, such as Kattilakoski, and the numerous lakes of the highlands provide memorable visual delights.

Beautiful nature trails such as the Eeron polku Trail or Jaipaljukka are also unforgettable places for hiking through the rugged landscape of Lapland.

Autumn is also statistically the best time to catch the wonder of the Northern Lights in the Arctic sky or go fishing on Lake Miekojärvi–the pearl of the Arctic Circle–with Lapland Wild Fish.

In the autumn, Pello also features great geocaches, Frisbee golf and the OrankiArt environmental art exhibition in Oranki village.

Welcome to Pello to enjoy Lapland’s beautiful ruska!

VIDEO:  Autumn and Fall Colours in Pello, Lapland Finland