A path has been built to honour the Olympic ski champion Eero Mäntyranta near his home village of Lankojärvi. Some of his many achievements are detailed along the trail. Follow his story by walking all the way to the peak of Pallistaja, where a breathtaking landscape and a camp fire spot await you. The path is about 1.6 km long and located some 25 km outside of Pello in the direction of Rovaniemi.

Along Eero’s Path, one tree stands high above the others. This wonderful old pine is estimated to be a whopping 770 years old! In its long life, what has this old tree seen and experienced? They say at least five forest fires.

  • How to get here?
  • Nature Trail -Eero’s Path (Eeronpolku)
  • Lankojärvi, 95770 Pello