Kattilakoski is, in addition to Tornio’s Kukkolakoski, the most beautiful rapids on the Tornio River. Kattilakoski is situated near the Arctic Circle on the border of southern Pello and Ylitornio.

At the romantic Kattilakoski, you can also find your own laavu, a traditional Finnish lean-to. Kattilakoski is, for example, a great place for a picnic. Cars can park in the convenient public parking place, which is located about 100 metres away from the Kattilakoski private campground in Tonko.

Kattilakoski also hosts the Kattilakoski traditional log rafting competition (tukkilaiskisat) almost every summer in July.

P.S. You can also visit Kattilakoski from the Swedish side of the Tornio River. The address is: Niskanpään Kattilakoski, 957 92 Övertorneå, Sweden.

VIDEO:  Kattilakoski Rapid on  theTornio / Torne rapids in Pello (Lapland, Finland)

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  • Kattilakoski Rapids on the Tornio River
  • Kattilakoskentie 6, 95640 Pello, Suomi