Pentik’s factory outlet is located in Pello in Vihreä Pysäkki Shopping Center. In addition to the basic selection, it sells a lot of out-of-season products as well as ceramics goods with slight imperfections.

Pentik has been supplying beauty into Finnish homes for more than four decades. Pentik Oy was established in 1971 at the family home in Posio, Lapland. The company’s ceramics factory and candle workshop are still located in Posio.

Pentik is an international interior decoration retailer that believes in the power of the artist, the personal touch of the maker and in high-quality products as well as in family entrepreneurship and cooperation. Over 330 people now work to promote the joy of decoration, everyday aesthetics and harmony at Pentik.

In addition to ceramics, the range of products includes established customer favourites and seasonally changing novelties. A broad selection of goods from textiles to furniture has developed alongside the ceramics range. Beauty and practicality form the point of departure in design work. The company’s in-house designers are responsible for both the basic range and the seasonal collections, which change four times a year.