Veistofästit  2024 is a sculpting event held in Pello, Finland. On June 14-16th it is bringing together the best experts in the field from Finland  for a friendly competition.

The sculptors carve giant logs from local supplier Pellopuu for their material, which makes for some exhilarating sculptures. This event, organized in the center of Pello (market place) in the beautiful Tornio river valley in western Lapland, is free to the public.

As Pello, located along the salmon-rich Tornio river, is the official fishing capital of Finland, the theme of the 2024 competition is “fishing lies”.

On June 14-16, 2024, Veistofästi organized by Pello Kehitys Oy and Pello municipality will be held in the center of Pello at Pello tori (Kunnantie 2).


Tuesday 11.6. and Wednesday 12.6.
– 15:00-19:00 Chainsaw sculpting course taught by artist Juha Käkelä at Pello’s high school (organized by Meän Opisto). More information from the attached link:  .

Friday 14.6.
– 10.00 the sculpture competition starts
– an organised visit of Pello’s library (organized by the Tornionlaakso library): theme “Wild North”.

Saturday 15.6.:
– 10.00 the sculpture competition continues
– 3:00 p.m. The Arctic Circle salmon king competition starts in Juoksenki (organized by Juoksenki fishing  organisation)
– 18.00 the sculpture competition ends
– 19.00 Kojamon Kiusaus fishing competition starts (organized by Pello fishing club)
– 20.00 music event in Pyrevä, with Talonpoika Lalli as the main performer (organized by Pello municipality’s cultural and youth services)
– 23.00 The Arctic Circle salmon king competition ends in Juoksenki (organized by Juoksenki fishing organisation).

Sunday 16.6.:
– 7.00. The Kojamo kiusaus fishing competition on Tornionjoki ends (organized by Pello fish club ry)
– 11.00-12.00: 1 hour speed sculpture competition
– 12.00-12.40 Magician Ristiharju’s family magic show in Pyrevä park (organized by the Pyrevä foundation)
– 1:00 p.m. prize distribution of the sculpture competition.

The program and information of the event will be supplemented and specified later.

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