The scenic Eero’s Trail

Eero’s Path (Eeron Polku) offers spectacular views of Pello’s “Great Lakes” region. Eero’s Path is showcases the life of Olympic champion, skier Eero Mäntyranta, who travelled along the natural route. The trail’s observation tower also shows the areas of the French expedition led by Maupertuis in 1736-37. The trail is marked by arrow signs. Eero’s Path is located in Pallistajavaara, along Main Road 83, approximately 25 km from the center of Pello toward Rovaniemi.

Eero’s Path to the top is a hike of about one kilometre, making the full trail about 2 km long. Cars can be left in the clearly-marked car park along Main Road 83. The path to the top of Pallistajavaara Hill offers tourists a unique view of Lappish scenery.


Along Eero’s Path, one tree stands high above the others. This wonderful old pine is estimated to be a whopping 770 years old! In its long life, what has this old tree seen and experienced? They say at least five forest fires.


Eero’s Trail is not maintained during the winter, but the trail is perfect for snowshoeing. We recommend that snowshoers climb the western slope, as it’s not so steep. The north-facing wooden steps might be very challenging on snowshoes in the winter. When you park your car at the designated parking area and head towards Eero’s Trail, the western sloping path rises quickly to the right (about 80-100 m from the parking area.)

VIDEO: Snowshoeing in winter in Eeron polku Trail in Pello in Lapland, Finland