Naamisuvanto – the best spot for the salmon fishing on the River Tornio (Torne River) and for lake fishing in Pello in Lapland 

Experience an unforgettable holiday at Naamisuvanto, the number-one fishing spot on the River Tornio – Europe’s largest free-flowing river. Experienced fishing guides are on hand to instruct you in the art of salmon rowing or fly fishing.  We offer also pike and trout fishing trips.

A fishing guide increases your chances of going home with an impressive catch manifold by showing you the correct rowing approaches, the locations of rocks and hollows, instructing in the selection of lures and flies, and by adjusting the swim of your lures to optimise their attractiveness.

Choose a salmon fishing package that provides everything you need, including fishing guides, well-equipped and safe boats, fishing tackle, accommodation and dining. Our salmon fishing vacation packages include options for everyone from beginners to seasoned salmon fishermen. Come for a week or just one day, we’ll make your visit worthwhile.

Enjoy an authentic active holiday engaged in salmon fishing and you’ll go home with an unforgettable set of experiences. Share the best moments with your friends – our high-quality boat cameras will record your battle with the elusive salmon.

We pledge to do everything we can to ensure that you return from Lapland with a treasure trove of unique memories! More information about fishing services HERE.

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