Diverse and certified processing of northern timber, logs and laminated wood

Pellopuu Oy is a modern processor of Lapland’s red-hearted pine and operates in the core growth area of this prized Northern timber. The factory has more than 60 years of experience in log building, in addition to which our staff can rely on a heritage of knowledge and competence stretching back more than one hundred years.

The factory and head office are located by the River Tornio in the scenic village of Turtola in the Tornio River Valley within the Municipality of Pello. The company manufactures CE-certified laminated and planed log products as well as prefabricated log buildings for export and the domestic market.

The product range consists of load-bearing laminated joists and vertical beams, logs for prefabricated house manufacturers, prefabricated log houses, log holiday homes and yard buildings. The buildings are designed according to our existing models, to the specifications of the builder’s own plans or in cooperation with our company’s sales and design team, which has lots of expertise in log construction.

Each year, 12,000-20,000 cubic metres of Northern timber is processed at our facility. The prefab production line makes some 350 buildings a year. Exports account for 85% of production. Pellopuu Oy is a group company of Kriston Kiinteistöt Oy.