Reindeer Lake Resort (Puolukkamaan Pirtit) is located near the Arctic Circle along the road between Pello and Rovaniemi in the village of Lampsijärvi, on the shore of Puolamajärvi lake. The farm offers personal accommodations from double rooms up to a ten-person cottage. There are a total of 25 beds available. During the summer, the farm also offers the use of the shore sauna, campfire pits and boat.

This destination is suitable for families with children as well as friends of animals and nature. It’s easy to start your own trek into the surrounding environment, and there are good opportunities for fishing and hunting.

In winter we offer reindeer safaris & excursions and reindeer farm visit programs. In summer we offer also a reindeer farm visit programs. Find out more in our website:

The farm also presents a small souvenir shop, with reindeer meat on offer.

Reindeer Lake Resort in Pello in Lapland is also an optimal place to observe the northern lights, thanks to its northern location. And when it comes to the aurora hunting, it’s important to highlight that, thanks to its rural location, our resort is not suffering of the urban light pollution.

VIDEO: Reindeer Lake Resort Reindeer Farm in Pello in Lapland in Winter:

VIDEO: Summer of Reindeer Lake Resort Reindeer Farm in Pello in Lapland